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Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India Directory: This directory provides easy access to the contact details and objectives of 2350 voluntary organizations in India.
Charitynet: An online resource of non-profit organizations and their service providers across the world.
Government of India NGO List: List of leading Non-governmental Organizations operating in the country.
Guru Nanak
Indian NGOs: List of Indian non-governmental organizations in various fields; sections: forming an NGO, fund-raising, statistics, news, taxation, career opportunities, NGO-related sites, consultants, marketing of NGOs etc.
Jain Sansar Online
Links to NGO Databases: This page contains links to sites which have already done the hard work of listing all the various NGOs working in India.
ProPoor: The organizations listed within this site represent best efforts and most selfless instincts to alleviate the suffering and need in our communities.
Sikh Studies
The Gods of Hinduism
The NGO Cafe: The NGO Cafe is a meeting place for NGOs to discuss, debate and disseminate information on their work, strategies and results.
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