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Oriental Institute Library
Mimamsakosah V-III Kevalanandasaraswati, ED
Mimamsakosah V-I Kevalanandasaraswati, ED
Mimamsakosah V-IV Kevalanandasaraswati, ED
Mimamsakosah V-II Kevalanandasaraswati, ED
Hinduism Klostermaier, Klaus K
The Jnaneswar :Part- 3 chapters XV to XVIII Lokapur, Ranganath S. Tr
The Jnaneswar :Part- 2 chapters X to XIV Lokapur, Ranganath S. Tr
The Jnaneswar :Part- 1 chapters I to IX Lokapur, Ranganath S. Tr
Colors of Truth Marwaha, Sonali Bhatt
The Purana text of the dynasties of the kali age Pargiter, F E
Fourteen lessons in yogi philosophy and oriental occultism Ramacharaka
Vedanta and its philosophical development Ramamurty, A
Mahavir vani Rampuriya, Shrichand
Acharangya ke sukta Rampuriya, Shrichand
Nav padhartha Rampuriya, Shrichand
Glory of Dwaraka & Saradapita Sarasvati, Swami Sadananda
Sakta contribution to Varanasi Sharma, R C and Ghosal, Pranati Ed
Wisdom of Hindus(2) Sharma, R N
Hindu techniques of mental health Sharma, Rachna
Religions of the world : their origin and wisdom Sharma, Ram Nath
Hindu histories Shukls, Nipun
Life's pilgrimage through the Gita Swami Muni Narayan Prasad
Gujarati Vishwakosh : Vol-20 Vi-Vai. Thakar, D,Ed.
Catalogue of manuscripts in the Akhila Bharatiya Sanskrity parishad Lucknow The Akhila Bhartiya Sanskrit Parishad
Indian chronology Triveda, D S
Studies in Vedanta Victor, P George and V V S Saibaba Ed.
Maha kavi achary vidhya sagar granthavali se sarvodayadi saptsatkavlai Vidhyoday prakashan
Bhaktipathavali Vidhyoday prakashan
Maha kavi achary vidhya sagar granthavali se niranjanadi panchsatkavli evm stuti saroj Vidhyoday prakashan
The Swastika Wilson, Thomas
Understandinthe kundalini Yogi Harinam baba Prem Tom Beal
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